“A Harmful Predator”: Choose Sentences Oshawa Man to Life Imprisonment for Murdering 2 Youngsters 9 Years Between Them

Warning: There are details in this story that some readers may find disturbing.

A judge has sentenced Adam Strong to simultaneous 25 years and 18 years imprisonment with no parole for the murder of Rori Hache and the manslaughter of Kandis Fitzpatrick, teenagers who went missing on the streets of Oshawa nine years apart.

After a day and a half hearing to convict the verdict, Judge Joseph Di Luca gave his reasons for the verdict orally in the Oshawa courthouse. He called the 48-year-old perpetrator “a dangerous predator” who not only destroyed two vulnerable lives, but also those closest to them.

“You may never be able to feel the damage you’ve done. You will never be seen in public again. In time you may not be forgotten by the families of the victims … you will neither be famous nor notorious, “Di Luca said to Strong as he sat in the prison box, breathing heavily behind a mask.

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Di Luca also ordered that Strong’s DNA be submitted to the sex offender registry and ordered that he be kept out of contact with the victims’ families.

Strong won’t be eligible for parole until December 29, 2042, 25 years after he was arrested at his downtown Oshawa apartment.

Hache, an 18-year-old Durham area resident, was murdered in Strong’s apartment during a sex offense in September 2017. She died after being hit on the head before being dismembered. Hache’s body parts were mutilated, her torso was dumped in Lake Ontario, and her body parts were stored in a freezer before her flesh and internal organs were flushed down the drain.

“The discovery in Mr. Strong’s apartment was brought about by nothing but a clogged drain,” said Di Luca.

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Adam Strong was convicted of the deaths of 2 Oshawa teenagers

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Almost 10 years before Hache’s death, 19-year-old Kandis Fitzpatrick also ended up in Strong’s apartment and was illegally killed. Fitzpatrick was also cut up and disposed of.

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“Her body has never been found and probably never will be found,” said Di Luca, adding that her discovery was little more than a thread of meat and a few drops of blood.

Fitzpatrick’s DNA was found during a thorough forensic search of Strong’s home.

The judge said Strong had shown no remorse and is unlikely to be rehabilitated.

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“The punishment I am applying today can never undo the damage, can never erase the horrors that families have endured, can never bring them back,” said Di Luca.

“It can do one thing, however: It can ensure that Mr. Strong will never be completely free in our community. In fact, the sentence I have imposed will probably ensure that he never gets out of prison. “

After the verdict was announced, there was cheering and clapping both in the courtroom and in the overflow room, where around a dozen friends and media representatives sat.

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Fitzpatrick’s father, Bill Fitzpatrick, said he was happy with the result.

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“After 13 years, we can go on, start a new chapter and honor my daughter,” he said.

Hache’s mother was unable to attend the personal hearing because she tested positive for COVID-19. However, Hache’s godmother Krysia Meeldyk said she felt great.

“Today we let them rest, today this monster is off the road and it is no longer part of our day,” she said.

The courtroom and the overflow room burst into clapping and cheering. Richter has many harsh words for 48-year-old Strong, who the judge says has shown that he likely has no prospects for rehabilitation

– Catherine McDonald (@cmcdonaldglobal) May 28, 2021

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Rori Hache’s godmother Krysia Meeldyk and other family members and friends after the verdict was announced. 18-year-old Hache was murdered during a sexual assault in Strong’s Oshawa apartment in September 2017, before Strong dismembered her body and dumped her torso in Lake Ontario pic.twitter.com/BHx9tTMzF2

– Catherine McDonald (@cmcdonaldglobal) May 28, 2021

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