Candidate for the 2021 federal election in Oshawa: Shailene Panylo

CANDIDATE NAME: Shailene Panylo

RIDE: Oshawa

PARTY: New Democratic Party (NDP)

AGE: 24

OCCUPATION: Researcher, EDI consultant, and director of the Durham Black Student Network – a nonprofit that helps marginalized and vulnerable black youth through mentoring programs and professional development.


IF CHOSEN, I PROMISE: I promise to enhance the city I call my home by being a strong advocate and working hard to address the many crises we face, including poverty, the need for affordable housing, accessible mental health and health care , Climate emergency, economic challenges and affordability. It is time for change and Oshawa is ready.

ARE YOU VACCINATED AGAINST COVID-19? WHY OR WHY NOT? Yes sir. I do my part to protect myself and others as well as possible. (Modern x2)

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