Clarence McClendon

Clarence McClendon

Clarence E. McClendon ministries is the perfect community for the compassionate, downtrodden, and believing masses. The ministry, led by Clarence McClendon, is ready to grow and accepting committed members ready to be a part of mankind’s deliverance.

Where can I find a passionate ministry in California?

The ministry of Clarence McClendon is committed to created a prophetic community co-laboring in the unified pursuit of the life laid out by the Great Commission of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Weekly services, evangelism, and outreach are core to our activities.

In an unregenerate and perishing world, the ministry strives to reach people with the word of Christ. We strive to be a healing oasis in the Greater Los Angeles area.

Creating a Better World

Clarence E. McClendon does not seek to gain from the trouble of others but to create a true community. The goal of the ministry is to turn others away from a path of sin, relieve pain and suffering, and create a better world through a commitment to Jesus.

Nothing is more empowering than reaching inner peace and growing through prayer. Our community focuses on what matters, turning away from a troubled life and growing as individuals through the word of a higher power.

Positive Impact on Youth

The ministry aims to reach young men and empower them to become successful within their generation. Los Angeles is known to be a dangerous place for those 12 to 39.

Our ministry is committed to creating compassionate and engaged members of society. Tutoring, etiquette training, entrepreneurial training, life development skills, and more help turn at risk youth away from a life of trouble at the Daniel Center.

A Motivated Pastor

Growing a community in Christ takes knowledge. Pastor McClendon takes his personal journey to become God’s battle ax.

As a minority pastor, he knows the struggles and power of prayer. This own life experience shines through every weekly service to bring out the inner power within every member.

Empowerment through Christ

Jesus left us with a mission to become better more passionate people. Religion is not just a series of rules or practices to follow on the path to salvation.

Through service, compassion, and a commitment to the word of Christ, the ministry improves the lives of every member. Our ministry works hard to bring the Word of the Lord to the earthly realm. Turn the written word to practice instead of merely preaching salvation.

Where can I find a driven ministry in Los Angeles California?

The word of the Lord is meant to empower, not serve the whims of a few. Clarence E. McClendon ministries strives to create a world where the compassion and power of Christ can heal, transform, and motivate. Reach the power within and help others to live their best life.

Through the Daniel Center, the Academy, leadership of Clarence McClendon, and prayer directive, our community will grow. Visit our oasis within the city to find the power to become a better and more engaged member of the community or call us at 310-323-2600.

Clarence E McClendon Ministries

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Clarence McClendon

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