Colin Carrie of the Conservative Get together in Oshawa. re-elected

Oshawa Conservative MP Colin Carrie spoke to supporters following his re-election. Carrie will serve as a MP in his seventh term. September 21, 2021.

Durham’s senior MP returns to Ottawa.

Conservative Colin Carrie, first elected to the Oshawa Riding in 2004, will serve a seventh term.

In the second election in a row, he fought off the challenger Shailene Panylo from the NDP and the Liberal Afroza Hossain. In the majority of the polls reported, Carrie led with 39.3 percent of the votes, which corresponds to 20,843 votes. Panylo took second place with 28.6 percent, Hossain grabbed 22.8 percent.

A chiropractor who practiced in Oshawa before turning to politics, Carrie was Parliamentary Secretary for Industry, Environment and Health when his party was under Stephen Harper.

He reached out to supporters at the Bull Dog Pub and Grill thanking them for their work on the campaign, although he questioned the necessity of the election in the first place.

“I’m a little disappointed that we even had that choice. In front of the doors that was one of the most common things I heard: why do we actually have a choice?”

Carrie said he believes the people of Oshawa keep bringing him back to Ottawa because of his work at the local level.

“I am proud to be a local MP,” he said. “Unlike other politicians, we kept our office open during the pandemic. We made it safe, we served the people not just from Oshawa, not just from the Durham area, but across the GTA and across the country, what they needed to “get done and some very urgent situations.”

On the way back to Ottawa, Carrie said the priority was to stimulate the economy.

“We have to focus on Canada, on what we have in common, not on what separates us.”

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