COVID outbreak at Oshawa Lengthy Time period Nursing Residence continues

A COVID-19 outbreak continues at the Hillsdale Estate in Oshawa.

The Durham Area Department of Health reports 23 active cases at the facility, two of which have been resolved.

On Friday, September 4, the region reported 26 cases.

Of the active cases, 23 are isolated.

The outbreak began on August 26, and it is the eighth occurrence of its kind in the house since the pandemic began.

In Durham, there are four institutional outbreaks in long-term care facilities and aged communities. The other outbreaks are occurring at Lakeridge Health Bowmanville, Extendicare Oshawa long-term care home, and Amica Whitby retirement home.

The Lakeridge Bowmanville outbreak includes five cases, three of which have been hospitalized, one has been isolated, and one has been resolved.

At Extendicare Oshawa there are two cases, one isolated and one resolved.

At Amica Whitby there are eight cases, four of which are isolated and four are resolved.

As of Monday, September 7, the region reports 221 active cases, of which 12 have been hospitalized and three in intensive care.

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