Crispy, tacky, salty, candy: Korean corn canine are successful in Oshawa’s Ice Bar Café

An Instagram-ready Korean street food on a stick finds its way onto the menus of Durham restaurants.

The Ice Bar Cafe in Oshawa recently became one of the few local places to serve Korean corn dogs.

The fried snack is similar to American corn dogs, but uses a flour dough instead of one made with cornmeal.

In the Ice Bar at Simcoe St. N. 10 you can get versions with a hot dog or mozzarella cheese filling or half a mixture of both.

Topping options include ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, hot mayonnaise, honey mustard, and sriracha – a pinch of sugar before adding sauce is also popular.

Sugar on hot dogs may seem a bit unusual, but Ice Bar Cafe owner Yina Sin says it’s a great flavor combination.

“The salty and the sweet go very well together. The most common combination in Korea is to put sugar, ketchup and honey mustard on top. “

His favorite is the mozzarella cheese filling because of the satisfactory stretch when you bite into it.

She says Korean corn dogs are popular for their crispy outside, sweet and savory contrast, and endless topping options.

Opened in downtown Oshawa in 2017, the Ice Bar also specializes in Korean desserts like Bingsu – grated frozen milk with topping – Korean barbecue, and unique dishes like bulgogi burger and spicy pork poutine.

Purple Bubble Asian Cuisine in Ajax is another source for Korean hot dogs in Durham – their Korean rice hot dogs come with a hot dog, cheese, or half and half filling, and you can get them crusted with potato cubes.

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