Crown concludes case towards man accused of murdering Oshawa resident in his house

The Crown has completed its case against Mohammad Khan, who is accused of murdering a man in his Oshawa home during an attempted robbery in 2019.

Khan has pleaded not guilty to the first-degree murder of 21-year-old Ahmed Buttu, who was stabbed to death during a confrontation in his Langford Street home on the night of Feb. 27, 2019. The Crown alleges Khan, 18 at the time, entered the house intent on stealing cannabis and attacked Buttu upon finding him in the residence.

Testimony in the trial began May 24 and continued for two weeks without a hitch. But the third scheduled week of the trial was largely derailed after some jurors fell ill and were required to self-isolate under COVID-19 protocols. The jury returned Friday, June 10, to resume hearing evidence.

During the course of the trial, jurors have heard extensive forensic evidence, including the results of an autopsy that indicated Buttu sustained more than 20 stab wounds and multiple blunt force injuries. Another witness, a police blood spatter expert, tested Buttu’s blood was found in rooms on the upper and ground floors of the house.

Buttu was found in a pool of blood by housemates, jurors heard. The trial also heard Khan was involved in a scuffle a few blocks away from the Langford Street house by a resident who suspected he was breaking into cars.

Khan was arrested by police responding to that incident, court heard. Forensic testing revealed clothing worn by Khan at the time had Buttu’s blood on it.

The Crown’s final witness on Tuesday afternoon, June 14, was a police electronics analyst who provided evidence about Khan’s cellphone use leading up to and at the time of Buttu’s killing.

Jurors are expected to learn Wednesday afternoon if they’ll hear evidence from the defence, including possibly testimony from Khan himself.

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