Heavy snow might cowl the summit of Pikes Peak for the beginning of the Hill Climb | Colorado Springs Information

Potentially heavy summer snowfall has been forecast for Saturday’s Pikes Peak, potentially triggering one of the oldest auto races in the United States.

The National Weather Service forecast a high chance of snow on the Pikes Peak summit for the weekend, where the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb route ends in a slog up the mountain, with a snowfall probability of 70 percent Saturday evening and 80 percent Sunday night.

Even so, staff said the race, which starts at 7:30 a.m., will continue as planned.

“We’ll be racing as planned,” said event coordinator Lisa Haight. “We won’t cancel due to the weather.”

The over 12-mile race, held every year on the last Sunday in June, began in 1912, making it the second oldest car race in the country.

The snowfall is coming as heavy rains are forecast across southern Colorado for the weekend. Colorado Springs residents are expected to see thunderstorms on Sunday and have a 70% chance of some form of precipitation.

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