Heritage Oshawa approves analysis experiences

By Dave Flaherty / The Oshawa Express

The Oshawa Cultural Heritage Committee is taking steps to paint a more complete picture of the history of two city locations.

At a special meeting in August, Heritage Oshawa members approved a resolution to continue research on 117 King Street East, the Oshawa Clinic and 705 Simcoe Street North.

These two were selected from an original list of 10 of the hundreds of properties in Heritage Oshawa’s inventory.
Other properties for which research reports have been recommended but are currently not being pursued include the Children’s Arena at 155 Arena Street and the McLaughlin branch of the Oshawa Public Libraries at 65 Bagot Street.

Laura Thursby, Chair of the Heritage Oshawa Committee, says that in order for the city to adequately protect its heritage, these reports are essential.

“We really only have a handful of research reports and the inventory is really growing. Whether it is to apply for a designation or to keep a record of what we know about Oshawa’s heritage sites, sometimes we just don’t have the information we need, ”says Thursby.

The average research report costs between $ 1,500 and $ 2,000.

“It’s a matter of funding and resources – finding people to do these reports that don’t charge thousands and thousands of dollars for a single report. It seems like a challenge, ”admits Thursby.

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