‘Like they stole a private buddy or a household pet’: Oshawa Zoo rooster HeyHey lacking

The Oshawa Zoo is reporting that one of its beloved roosters may have been stolen.  Zoo owners are asking anyone with information about the bird, named Heyhey, to contact them.

A beloved rooster at the Oshawa Zoo is missing and may have been stolen.

HeyHey went missing on Monday, Aug. 29 from the zoo’s parking lot, where he likes to greet visitors, Alan Connell, the zoo’s director, said.

“He’s super tame. The staff’s favorite little rooster. He hangs out in the parking lot and greets people. They pick him up and put him on their shoulder. He was doing that when some people came and asked about him. The next time we looked around, he wasn’t there,” he said.

“I would guess these folks picked him up and took him home,” Connell added.

HeyHey is such a favorite of zoo guests, he noted.

“He was like a rooster with a personality,” Connell said.

HeyHey is small and while “he had girlfriends, they were all twice his size,” he stated. “He protected them fiercely from the other roosters.”

The zoo has put up posters and launched a Facebook campaign in an effort to have HeyHey returned.

He’s been at the zoo for about four years, Connell noted.

“If somebody has taken him, they can bring him back and let him out of the car in the parking lot, no questions asked. We appeal to anyone who has seen him to get in contact with the police or us,” he said.

The zoo hasn’t reported the theft to Durham police, Connell noted.

“They have more important things to do than find a rooster, I guess. It is very disconcerting for all the people that work here. They are very upset about this, like they stole a personal friend or a family pet,” he said.

Anyone with information about HeyHey’s location can call Durham police at 905-579-1520 or contact the zoo at 905-655 5236.

The zoo is at 3377 Grandview St. N. in Oshawa.

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