Man charged after law enforcement officials have been overwhelmed and bitten by fracas in Oshawa

A man faces multiple charges in Oshawa after beating, kicking and biting police officers.

One of the officers involved in the hand-to-hand combat was hospitalized for injuries when he was bitten on the arm during the incident that took place on Friday the 11th.

An acquaintance of the stopped driver arrived in a separate vehicle, confronted the officer and finally slapped the officer in the face, the police said. When other officers arrived, they too were attacked, including slapping and kneeling in the face.

One of the officers was bitten on the arm after an injury that had to be treated at the hospital, police said.

Andre Rankine, 35, of Grandview Street South, Oshawa, faces multiple charges, including attacking the police, mischief and obstruction of the police.

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