New Lone Star Texas Grill opens in Oshawa – and it is the primary of a brand new idea

A new Lone Star Texas Grill opening next month in Oshawa will be the first in Ontario to showcase a brand new concept for the Tex-Mex restaurant chain.

Instead of a 6,500 square meter space like a typical Lone Star location, the Oshawa location will be about half the size.

“It’s a miniature version of what we’re doing right now,” said Mark Findlay, CEO of Lone Star.

Located on 855 Taunton Road. E. On the former square of Nando’s, the new Lone Star will have its own area for pick-up and delivery.

“Full-service restaurants like ours were never set up to accommodate all of the skip drivers and drivers and people who walk in,” explains Findaly.

The indoor dining space will be smaller than a typical Lone Star restaurant, but there will be outdoor seating on a terrace.

The menu is also being scaled down to remove items like burgers and focus on Lone Star’s most popular dishes – think fajitas and frozen margaritas.

Oshawa was selected for the new concept because of the city’s growth. Findlay says the scaled down version of Lone Star is likely to work well for smaller cities.

“We’re looking for smaller markets. They have this really interesting migration of people moving to small towns and smaller towns. We believe there are an enormous number of markets that we can enter that we couldn’t have served before, ”he says.

Lone Star has more than 20 locations in Ontario, including Whitby and Pickering. The restaurant is known for baking its tortillas on-site in purpose-built ovens and serving fajitas on a sizzling pan.

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