Oshawa baby slated for surgical procedure after group raised greater than $ 90,000

It’s a special Canada Day for an Oshawa family as Connor Ciampaglia is scheduled to undergo surgery on July 1st after the community raised more than $ 90,000 to fund the operation in the United States

Six-year-old Connor Ciampaglia suffers from cerebral palsy and his family tirelessly collects money for selective dorsal rhizotomy (SDR), an operation on the nerves connected to the spinal cord.

His mother, Kirstin Ciampaglia, explains that the operation will improve Connor’s mobility and prevent future deterioration and painful muscle spasms.

The surgery is available in Canada, but small numbers are done each year, and Ciampaglia said Connor was turned down because his case was deemed too mild. As a result, the family started a fundraiser to pay for an operation at St. Louis Children’s Hospital in the United States

Connor is expected to have surgery on July 1st, followed by three weeks of rehabilitation.

Ciampaglia said Connor was excited about going to the operation, but as a mother, she was more worried.

“Nervous but happy, excited but nervous for sure,” she said of her own feelings.

The family raised nearly $ 92,000 for the operation through GoFundMe, a large part of the campaign’s target of $ 135,000.

The family also hosted other fundraisers, including bottle rides, raffles, and more.

In March, Domino’s Pizza at 1303 King St. E. held a fundraiser for Connor that donated 100 percent of the proceeds from a walk-in special.

“They ended up raising about $ 15,000 which was a huge help,” said Ciampaglia.

She hopes the operation will change her life.

“Hopefully he can walk, because right now he can’t really walk, climb stairs on his own without holding onto a railing or the help of an adult … jumping, his balance would improve a lot.” Hopefully he can ride a two-wheeler, ride a scooter, play sports, run uphill and downhill. “



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