Oshawa driver blown by 3 times authorized restrict for drunk driving

In Caledon, a 58-year-old driver from Oshawa, whose license had been revoked on two charges of impaired driving, was arrested for drunk driving.

At around 4:10 p.m. on Tuesday, December 7, a concerned citizen called the OPP about an irregularly driven motor vehicle on King Street, Caledon, the OPP reported.

The vehicle was soon stopped by members of the OPP Caledon RIDE unit and they discovered that the vehicle was overflowing with partially full and empty alcohol containers, police said.

The driver was arrested and breath samples showed three times the allowable limit, the police found.

The driver has also been suspended for two recent driver disorder arrests, police added.

The suspect has been charged with interfering with the operation of a motor vehicle, driving a vehicle with more than 80 mg of alcohol in the blood, driving under lockdown, novice drivers with blood alcohol levels above zero, driving with readily available alcohol, driving with readily available cannabis, using license plates, that are not registered for the vehicle and do not apply for authorization if you become the owner of the vehicle.

The defendant’s vehicle was confiscated and his driver’s license suspended for a further 90 days.

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