Oshawa man arrested whereas making an attempt to report against the law at Durham Police Station

Instead, a man who went into an Oshawa police station to report a crime was arrested.

It happened around 10:10 p.m. on Tuesday, August 17, when Durham Regional Police were called to a house on Richmond Street in Oshawa for a break-and-enter call. Police spoke to a woman who said she was home when an unknown man broke into the house and attacked her, police said.

The victim managed to escape and ran around the block before returning home and locking the door. The suspect allegedly returned and confronted the woman who escaped and, with the help of two people, helped fend off the suspect, who reportedly flew away on foot.

The suspect went to the Central East Division on Center Street to report a separate crime and was arrested.

The woman and one of the men who helped her suffered minor injuries.

Anthony Morra, 30, of William Street in Oshawa faces numerous charges, including two cases of assault and deliberate break-in.

He was fired because of an engagement.

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