Oshawa Metropolis Councils should declare COVID-19 vaccination standing by November 12th

Oshawa City Councils are required to disclose their COVID-19 vaccination status from November 12, according to the recently approved policy for Oshawa City employees.

By voting 10-1 in the council meeting on Monday with Ward 5’s county council, John Gray declined to have council approve a policy in line with that adopted for its own city workers.

“I never ask anyone to do anything I wouldn’t do myself,” said Ward. 3 local council. Jane Hurst for requesting that the city council follow the city staff.

Hurst was surprised to find that the 11 members of the council were not among the hundreds of union and non-union workers working for the city under the COVID-19 vaccination policy.

“I called the CAO and said, ‘Where do I send my vaccination certificate?’ I was dismayed and surprised to find that we are exempt from the policy because we are not community employees … We work in the presence of all of our employees in the city and I don’t think we have any special consideration, “Said Hurst.

She added that she did not think it was fair for us to “have a policy for employees and other public officials elected for us.”

But Gray had a problem with politics.

“What is lost for everyone is that there are some people who cannot take the vaccine. And yet we have the impression that it is automatically they who carry COVID into the workplace. Some of the people who are not vaccinated have very solid medical reasons and this is seen as another barrier to their participation in society, ”he said.

Gray said he was vaccinated.

Even after the motion was amended to include official medical and religious exemptions, as per the city’s employee policy, Gray voted against it.

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