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Long-time KRDO TV presenter Heather Skold announced on Monday that she was infected with COVID-19.

Skold, winner of the 2020 gold medal for Best of the Springs for Best Evening Newspaper, posted the health update on her Facebook page, providing details on how she contracted the coronavirus and its physical effects.

“I have COVID,” she wrote on Facebook. “My parents too. We’re fine, thank God. It was a strange, strange time, no doubt. They are on the mend but as we learned this affects the older population more severely Symptoms began to show up as sheer exhaustion which I attributed to stress but then on the night of the election I just couldn’t warm up (which in my opinion was due to the longer time in our normally cold studio).


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Skold said she learned that someone she was in contact with was infected on election day. “

“I left before the 10 o’clock show and have been home ever since (current view below),” she wrote. “After being tested on Wednesday, my results were finally positive on Sunday.”

Skold described her symptoms.

“It was difficult to breathe and speak at times,” she wrote. “I compare it to standing on a 14er, where the lungs feel tired, but mainly the air is dry and thin. You just have the feeling that it is time to descend to where there is more oxygen. But strangely enough, I still can’t smell anything. “

Skold also offered some advice to those who contract the virus.

“I’m not a health professional, but I’ve found napping, LOTS of water, tea, vitamins C, D, zinc, elderberry, and probiotics helped!” She wrote. “I am overwhelmed with grief that I exposed my colleagues. I pray none of them get this. Hopefully you will all stay well. I look forward to coming back soon.”

Skold is from Colorado and has been a fixture on the local broadcasting scene since 2007. A highly respected journalist, she is a three-time Regional Edward R. Murrow and a three-time Emmy Award winner.

This story will be updated as more information becomes available.

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