Oshawa units development data this summer season

Oshawa sets new construction records this summer. The total number of permits granted so far in 2021 is already above that of last year – according to the city, more than doubled.

“With cranes in the sky and shovels in the ground, Oshawa City is attracting investment from commercial and industrial development, creating thousands of local jobs, and welcoming home buyers who have discovered this is one of the best communities to live, work and study in,” Oshawa Mayor Dan Carter said in a press release.

The hectic construction planning in Oshawa is breaking previous records.

Here are some of the interesting uptrends:

• The highest number of permits were on record issued in June at 318 – surpassing the 1976 record of 310;

• The highest trade value was issued in July with a record value of US $ 27.7 million – surpassing the previous record of US $ 11.3 million from 2015;

• The number of secondary apartments (also known as in-laws or basement apartments) is increasing with 13 secondary apartments in July and 19 secondary apartments in June. Last year’s high was 10 home accessories that were issued in one month.

“The individual applications for 19 additional housing permits across the city in one month are an eye opener that underscores this trend as there were a total of 150 additional housing (basement) permits in Oshawa over the past year,” added Councilor Rosemary McConkey, vice chairman of the Development Services Committee.

Construction value issued in Oshawa remains strong this summer. Oshawa’s total construction value for residential and commercial properties has been higher than last year since the beginning of the year. By the end of July, the city had spent $ 59.2 million in total construction value, of which $ 28.5 million in residential construction and $ 27.7 million in commercial.

In June and July, Oshawa released 244 new housing units – the majority, 155, were townhouses. In the same two months, an additional 15,398 square meters of new commercial space was created.

“Our exponential growth in construction activity in all sectors shows that our city is perceived beyond our city limits as Toronto’s most dynamic and sought-after neighbor,” said Councilor Tito-Dante Marimpietri, Chairman of the Development Services Committee.

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