Perogies, jerk rooster, sugar pie: What’s on the menu for Oshawa Fiesta Week 2022?

Fiesta Week 2022 runs from June 19 to 25.

After a two-year hiatus, one of Oshawas most beloved food festivals is back. The 48th annual Fiesta Week runs from June 19 to 25 with 10 pavilions offering food and cultural performances.

Fiesta Week is organized by the Oshawa Folk Arts Council and a huge team of volunteers — from the cooks in the kitchens to the children who perform on stage.

New this year, passports are not required — entry to pavilions is free. Some pavilions will be on modified schedules, visit for a complete list of schedules.

Now, for the big question. What is there to eat?

Odessa Ukrainian pavilion

31 Bloor St.E., Oshawa.

What’s on the menu: varenyky or perogies, sausages, sauerkraut.

Club Loreley German pavilion

389 Dean Ave., Oshawa.

What’s on the menu: fresh pretzels, schnitzel dinner, schnitzel on a bun, sausage dinner, sausage on a bun, ham hock dinner (evenings only), strudel.

French Canadian pavilion

382 Hillside Ave., Oshawa.

What’s on the menu: pea soup, pork pâté, tourtiitre, turkey and vegetable stew, sugar pie, hobo pudding.

Club Carib pavilion

600 Wentworth St.E., Oshawa.

What’s on the menu: roti, barbecue chicken, curried chicken, jerk chicken, fried chicken, curried goat, oxtail, coconut bread, sugar cake, ginger beer.

KrakOw Polish pavilion

1551 Stevenson Rd. N., Oshawa.

What’s on the menu: shish kebab, sauerkraut, schnitzel, chicken legs, sausages, cabbage rolls, perogies.

Northern Portugal pavilion

40 Albany St., Oshawa.

What’s on the menu: turnovers stuffed with shrimp or ground beef, codfish cakes, grilled pork loin sandwich, grilled chicken, fried fillet of sole, Portuguese surf and turf, rice pudding, custard tarts, cream-filled donuts, caramel flan, pastries.

Italian pavilion

245 Simcoe St.S., Oshawa.

What’s on the menu: Lasagna, Italian sausage on a bun, meatballs, veal cutlet, arancini, pasta, tiramisu, cannoli.

poznan Polish pavilion

219 Olive Ave., Oshawa.

What’s on the menu: perogy, cabbage rolls, chicken patties, shish kebab, Polish sausage, pork schnitzel, red borsch, sauerkraut, Polish donuts.

Lviv Ukrainian pavilion

38 Lviv Blvd., Oshawa.

What’s on the menu: pyrohy, cabbage rolls, sausage, pork cutlet, chicken legs, shish kebabs, borscht, desserts.

The Oshawa Portuguese pavilion will also be open at 520 Simcoe St. S. — check the Fiesta Week website and Facebook page for updates on the menu.

We want to hear about your favorite places to eat in Durham! Old favourites, hidden gems, new restaurants opening, awesome food trucks. Send your great eats to reporter Jillian Follert at [email protected].

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