Receives a commission to work in municipal, faculty board elections in Oshawa

The City of Oshawa is looking for people to work in the municipal and school board elections on voting day, Monday, Oct. 24

The selected applicants can receive a grant of $240 to $350 as an election official, depending on the assigned role.

The city is recruiting election officials for various paid positions, including the following:

• Managing Deputy Returning Officer (MDRO): One MDRO is appointed for each location and is responsible for the overall management of the voting place. MDROs are also required to work at one advance voting place.

• Deputy Returning Officer (DRO): The DRO is responsible for issuing ballots to electors and maintaining the voters’ list.

• Revising Deputy Returning Officer (RDRO): The RDRO is responsible for adding, changing or removing voters’ names or information on the voters’ list and issuing ballots to voters and maintaining the voters’ list.

• Tabulator Deputy Returning Officer (TDRO): One TDRO is appointed for each voting place and is responsible for the tabulation of all votes at the voting place and generation of the election result tape after the close of voting.

• Information Clerk: The information clerk is responsible for providing information and assisting voters while maintaining and sanitizing voting equipment at the voting place.

Enthusiastic and capable hired election officials must work from approximately 9 am to 9 pm on voting day and attend two hours of training beforehand.

Interested people aged 16 and older must submit an application and complete a brief assessment to be eligible for the role of an election official.

The applications can be submitted online or on paper at City Clerk Services (5th Floor, Rundle Tower, City Hall, 50 Center St.S.).

Applications submitted through telephone, facsimile, email or regular mail will not be accepted.

The city also encourages applicants to review the 2022 — Election Official Fact Sheet before completing the assessment.

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