“Rejected”: The situation of a second Lakeridge Well being Hospital in Oshawa was rejected as a result of it was too near the prevailing location

An independent panel of experts deciding where to build a new hospital in the Durham area will not be considering a location in North Oshawa.

Oshawa’s application met all of the mandatory criteria, with the exception of the requirement that the new hospital be at least 10 kilometers from an existing hospital with an emergency room.

“The city’s application was rejected because of the 10 km distance. But the Ottawa advisor … in her report they actually described it as seven miles, ”said Regional Councilor Rosemary McConkey.

The panel of experts that led Lakeridge Health’s independent site selection process notified the city’s CAO that the proposal process was moving from Phase 1 to Phase 2 – but that Oshawa’s filing would not move to Phase 2.

“I believe the province and Lakeridge Health Corp. were treated very unfairly. I believe the rules are arbitrary and don’t reflect the needs of the community, ”said Councilor Brian Nicholson.

The details of Oshawa’s preferred locations for the future location of the planned new acute care hospital are still confidential.

The city plans to make the locations and filings public in January and hold a special meeting with advisors Capital Hill Group Ottawa Inc., who will be invited to present the details of Oshawa’s filing to the panel of experts.

“I’m looking forward to the presentation in January. I know our team is not going to give up and I think we are many, many, many years away from any kind of decision – that’s just my opinion, ”said Mayor Dan Carter.

In June, Lakeridge Health said the site selection process should be completed by the end of 2021.

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