SCHWINDER PL READ GUILTY: The Oshawa couple lied about kids having most cancers, cerebral palsy, and different circumstances to become older church members to present them $ 650,000

An Oshawa couple who falsely claimed to have children in their care, suffered from serious illnesses including cancer soliciting donations from church parishes, charities and government agencies, have pleaded guilty to multiple fraud allegations.

Robert Dale Laraby and Senna Marie Laraby’s victims included two sisters in their 80s who were defrauded of $ 650,000, the court found guilty on Tuesday, June 15.

“The ladies provided financial help … based on the lies that Robert and Senna Laraby told,” said prosecutor Michael Gillen.

The allegations stem from incidents that go back more than a decade and focus on scams the couple hatched with two children they had guardianship over, according to the Crown’s case. Senna Laraby pleaded guilty to five cases of $ 5,000 fraud and one less than $ 5,000 fraud case. Robert Laraby pleaded guilty to five cases of $ 5,000 fraud and one case of personal injury related to incidents involving one of the children.

One long-term program was to convince others that one of the children had a variety of serious health problems, including cancer, that required hospital visits and specialized equipment, Gillen said. The Larabys were targeting a ward at a church in Clarington, the court said.

Church members included the two senior citizens who repeatedly provided money after being told that the Larabys needed money to complete the adoption process and for the high medical costs of a child.

The allegations were falsified, the Krone submits in the documents submitted to the court.

“(The child) has never suffered from serious medical problems,” claimed The Crown. “(The child) has never had any form of cancer … does not have cerebral palsy and does not have liver failure or seizures.”

A Shriners Club, which was making funds available for hospital visits on the basis of false claims, as well as the Ontario Works and Ontario Disability Support Program were also defrauded, Gillen said.

The Durham District School Board is also listed among the victims. The Larabys falsely claimed that the child’s medical problems required “special equipment and construction,” Gillen said.

“The money was provided by the DDSB to provide these things that were not needed,” he said.

The Larabys also cheated on people by seeking money to pay an attorney for criminal charges relating to another child, the court said.

“In fact, (the child) was never charged with any crime,” Gillen said.

In their confession of guilt, the Larabys confirmed that the accusations made by the Crown in court were true.

The verdict will be announced at a later date. When this happens, Ontario Court Judge Paul Burstein will hear testimony about the impact of the victims from the children involved in the scams as well as the seniors who were betrayed by the larabys.

None of the funds raised during the scams have been recovered.

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