SIU clears police after man sustains damaged finger in Oshawa incident

A Special Investigations Unit vehicle outside the SIU headquarters in Mississauga.

Durham police officers have been cleared of criminal wrongdoing in an incident that left a man with a broken finger.

The incident occurred in April of 2022 when police responded to a call to check on the well-being of a man in Oshawa, according to the Special Investigations Unit. They found the man to be intoxicated and agitated, and placed him in a police cruiser, according to a report by the agency’s director, Joseph Martino.

In the police car the man became angry and banged his handcuffed hands on a Plexiglas partition, the report said. While at the hospital the man refused to unclasp his hands so they could be placed in restraints, the investigation found.

“Officers and hospital security personnel attempted to pry open the man’s hands. In the process, the man suffered a broken left finger,” the report concluded.

In spite of the injury the officers were found by the SIU to have committed no actions that warranted criminal charges.

“There were no reasonable grounds to believe that the officers committed themselves unlawfully in their dealings with the man,” Martino concluded.

The SIU investigates incidents of serious injury or death, or allegations of sexual assault involving police officers.

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