Three causes to call three house buildings in Oshawa from the 1920s

The George at 304 Simcoe St. S. is one of three residential buildings that were built in 1928 in south-central Oshawa and are classified as Heritage.

Three apartment buildings in central southern Oshawa are being considered for heritage designation.

The property comprises three 3-story apartment buildings – “The George” at 304 Simcoe St. S., “The Amylene” at 9 Quebec St. and “The Edward” at 17 Quebec St. – built in 1928.

The apartments can be designed for:

Heritage design and physical value – The apartments are representative of residential buildings from the 20th century with architectural elements from the modern era.

• Historical value – The buildings were commissioned by Llewellyn Victor Disney, a well-known citizen and business owner of Oshawa at the time.

• Contextual value – The apartments are important in defining, maintaining and supporting the area as one of the original apartment complexes built on Simcoe Street South in Central Oshawa in the late 1920s.

To protect the residential buildings, the city of Oshawa announced on Thursday, November 11th, its intention to designate the property under the Ontario Heritage Act.

For more information on the reasons for the expulsion and the inheritance attributes to be protected, please contact Oshawa Planning Services, Connor Leherbauer at 905-436-3311 extension. 2402 or by email to [email protected]

Anyone who wishes can send the town clerk a notice of objection by Monday, December 13th. If an objection notice is received, the Oshawa Council will consider the objection on or before March 11, 2022.

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