Tips on how to make streets safer in south Oshawa?

To curb speeding traffic in south Oshawa, council is considering three new community safety zones and asking for an increase in police enforcement.

A community safety zone is a road section of higher risk, most are school zones. The area is designated through a municipal bylaw. Speeding tickets and other Highway Traffic Act fines are doubled in community safety zones.

Oshawa council is considering adding three more community safety zones at:

1. Simcoe Street South from Wentworth Street to Lakeview Park.

2. Cedar Street from Wentworth Street West to Stone Street.

3. Phillip Murray Avenue from Valley Drive to Park Road South.

“We need to have a long look at the type of enforcement to slow that traffic down before we have another tragedy,” said regional Coun. Brian Nicholson. “This motion was made before the tragedy at Wentworth and Simcoe (Streets).”

A 16-year-old cyclist was killed after being struck by a truck on Thursday, May 19. The driver remained on scene and cooperated with investigators, police said.

Oshawa is working on a new Neighborhood Traffic Management Guide. It outlines step by step how the city will deal with complaints of dangerous driving in residential neighborhoods, assess the area and then (potentially) implement traffic calming — which can range from speed humps to allowing on-street parking.

Council debated whether to request increased police enforcement for excessive speeding and other traffic offenses in the three areas.

“When you get through all of your various options, the last thing you attempt to use as a solution is enforcement; it’s not the first one,” said Coun. Derek Giberson. “There’s three different areas that are identified here, the solutions might not be the same for each of them.”

Some councilors also raised concerns about the long stretch of Simcoe Street South proposed for the community safety zone.

“I’m a little worried about the dilution of the effect of the community safety zone for such a large stretch of road,” said Coun. Bradley Marks. “They’ll just be suggestions signs in my opinion, not actually any teeth in them.”

The issue is expected to come back to council for a vote in September.

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