Two Oshawa homes acknowledged as cultural heritage

Two Oshawa houses, both well over a century old, will be listed as cultural heritage.

The city council has approved the designation 1600 Conlin Road East, west of Townline Road, and 2651 Harmony Road North, south of Winchester Road.

The building on Conlin Road was built in the mid to late 19th century and is an example of an Italian house. Officials say it represents a particular Victorian style that is unique to Ontario.

It was also owned by the Lee family from 1919 to about 1961. The family has been in Oshawa since the mid-19th century.

The property on Harmony Road is an excellent example of an early Gothic Revival stone house. It was built sometime before 1877.

According to experts, the design of this cottage was sponsored by Canada Farmer magazine in 1865.

“Preserving some of Oshawa’s historic landmarks and unique historic buildings will add a sense of place and community pride,” said Rosemary McConkey, District 1 councilor Designation under the Ontario Heritage Act is a mark of a caring city that respects its past. ”

The name protects the houses from destruction or significant changes. Property owners can still change things about the home, but there is a process in place to ensure that historical value is maintained.

For a full list of Oshawa’s cultural heritage sites, click here.

Photo courtesy of Heritage Oshawa and the City of Oshawa

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