UPDATE: Decide denies movement to postpone listening to for Oshawa killer once more

After nearly being derailed a third time due to complications related to the COVID-19 pandemic, a hearing on convicted killer Adam Strong will be held in Oshawa on Thursday.

The 48-year-old Strong was convicted in mid-March of the first degree murder of 18-year-old Rori Hache, who went missing in the summer of 2017, and of manslaughter in the death of Kandis Fitzpatrick, 19, who was last seen in 2008 during a sole judge’s trial at In the fall of 2020, the court heard that police found Hache’s dismembered remains in a freezer in Strong’s basement apartment. Further investigation revealed DNA linked to Fitzpatrick.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, two previously scheduled conviction hearings have been postponed. The hearing was due to begin on Thursday, May 27, with the reading of testimony from family members and loved ones of Hache and Fitzpatrick about the impact of the victims.

Another motion for adjournment was made Thursday morning by someone who was supposed to attend the trial. This person, a family member of one of the victims in the case, was diagnosed with COVID-19, the court said.

Prosecutor Jinwon Kim told the court that others who wanted to make statements on Thursday wanted to continue. He asked Superior Court Judge Joseph Di Luca to rule on the adjournment motion.

Di Luca decided that the hearing would continue.

“This is a sentencing process that has to end for various reasons,” said Di Luca.

The hearing scheduled for Thursday May 27 and Friday May 28 is expected to hear 13 statements about the impact of victims.

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