UPDATE: The COVID outbreak at Oshawa Catholic Faculty is among the largest ever in Durham

The number of active COVID-19 cases at the école elementaire catholique Corpus-Christi in Oshawa continues its upward trend.

As of December 3, there were 34 active cases at the school, the highest total of any school in Ontario.

“The number will continue to rise as we learn of other cases confirmed today,” Virginie Oger, a spokeswoman for MonAvenir’s Catholic school committee, said in an email on Thursday.

“The situation at the École élémentaire catholique Corpus-Christi in Oshawa is developing rapidly. The board receives information from several sources. Csc MonAvenir will be notified either by Durham Public Health or by parents when a case is declared positive.The information is shared by both sources. So the school is actively sorting the information to ensure the count is accurate while working primarily with Durham PH to provide critical information to ensure contact tracing, “Oger said.

The school on Hillside Ave. 362 has been closed to personal learning since Monday 29 November and will remain closed at least until Friday 10 December.

The data tracker found that there have been eight outbreaks in schools or daycare centers.

At the end of November, the school authorities reported that the number of cases at the école elementaire catholique Corpus-Christi was increasing. One employee tested positive on November 15, followed by an isolated student who tested positive on November 22. Three more students tested positive on November 23, followed by two more on November 24 and again on November 25.

On November 28, five students, including one in isolation, and one employee tested positive.

On November 29, three isolated students tested positive and the school was closed.

Another three students in isolation tested positive on Tuesday November 30th, followed by six positive tests on Wednesday December 1st.

On its website, the school authorities noted: “The Garderie Les lucioles, also closed, will be open to extra-curricular children from Monday 6 December, but the pre-school program will be closed until 10 December. “

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