Vegan fried rooster? yup New Oshawa meals truck dishing up plant-based consolation meals

Azam Reid helps out on his dad’s Vegan Sol food truck at the Oshawa Food Truck Corral. The truck serves vegan Caribbean food including vegan fried chicken, pepper steak and curry plant-based beef.

The story of how Tony Reid opened a new vegan food truck in Oshawa starts with his own journey into plant-based eating.

Reid is a self-described foodie who was a pescatarian for years before going vegan to address some health issues. “I was worried I wouldn’t be able to enjoy all the flavors and tastes that I loved,” he says. “I know good food. When I turned into a vegan, I knew I was going to have to replicate the food I liked into a plant-based form.”

And that’s exactly what you can find on the menu at Vegan Sol, which opened July 10 at Oshawa Food Truck Corral, 2867 Bridle Rd. N. Comfort foods like fried chick’n, pepper steak, barbecue wings and mac ‘n’ cheese are all there — and all vegan.

Reid, who learned to cook from his grandmother as a child, says it took work to develop plant-based versions of these dishes. Many use mushrooms as a base instead of soy, which is often the foundation for vegan meat alternatives. “I try to make the texture and flavor as close as I can so people don’t feel like they’re missing out,” he says. “My slogan is ‘Vegan Sol, food that awakens the soul.’ This is food that’s good for the body, the soul and the mind.”

Customer response has been enthusiastic — Reid says popular menu items so far include jerk chick’n with rice and peas, fried chick’n, and chick’n and waffles.

Vegan Sol also offers catering and will soon expand to meal plans. “I want to give people flavor-packed food that’s nutritious and healthy. I have so many ideas of where to take the brand, this is just the beginning,” Reid says. “I really want to stand out from other vegan takeout.”

Vegan Sol is one of several new food trucks in the lineup at Oshawa Food Truck Corral this season. Another new option is ZAPS Polish Street Food offering authentic zapiekanka, Polish pancakes and soups.

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