WATCH VIDEO NOW: Oshawa PPC Candidate Indicted for Refusing to Comply with COVID-19 Guidelines at Tim Hortons

Darryl Mackie, 44, who represented the People’s Party of Canada in the September 20 elections, posted a Twitter video on the morning of September 22nd saying he was at a Tim Horton’s in Whitby where he refused had, follow the requirements to confirm his vacci

  • The day after a man without a mask was charged with trespassing, the Tims Hortons were closed.

A failed Oshawa candidate in this week’s general election was charged by police after refusing to follow COVID-19 protocols in a coffee shop – an incident the politician referred to in an online post as his “Rosa Parks -Moment “designated.

Darryl Mackie, 44, who represented the People’s Party of Canada in the September 20 election, posted a Twitter video on September 22nd saying he was at a Tim Hortons in Oshawa where he refused Follow the prompts to confirm their vaccination status and wear a mask.

Provincial guidelines, which went into effect Sept. 22, require that people visiting restaurants and other public places be fully vaccinated.

Durham Police confirmed that officials were visiting a Tim Horton store on Thornton Road on Sept. 22 at around 9:40 a.m. The Tim Hortons was closed on Thursday, September 23rd.

Mackie has been charged with trespassing, police confirmed.

In the Twitter video, Mackie essentially confirmed what the police said: “I choose to sit in the restaurant against the social demarcation,” explained one maskless Mackie. He said he refused to share his vaccine status with staff after being asked.

“Why should I give personal medical information to any random stranger?” he said and then announced, “This is our Rosa Parks moment.”

Rosa Parks, an African American woman, became a civil rights icon after she refused to get into the back of a city bus on the orders of the driver in 1955. She was arrested for civil disobedience and faced threats of violence and death.

After checking Park’s name and legacy, Mackie looked at his phone and said, “I’ll just sit here and have my coffee and read my Bible and hopefully there is no problem.”

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