What’s common on the new Snackrite Xotiks in Oshawa? Dunkaroos, Rap Snacks, Flamin’ Scorching Mountain Dew

Snackrite Xotiks owners Keon Reece, left, and Robert Sinclair celebrated the grand opening of their new exotic candy, snack and beverage store in the heart of Oshawa. June, 14, 2022

Robert Sinclair loves the way old-school candy and snacks can take someone right back to their childhood.

At Snackrite Xotiks in downtown Oshawa, children of the 90s are delighted to get their hands on Dunkaroos, Gobstoppers, Bottle Caps and other nostalgic finds.

Sinclair also sources treats from around the world to give customers a taste of home, like Walker’s Crisps from the UK and Lays chip flavors from China.

“It’s a lot of fun. I love to talk to customers about the products,” says Sinclair, who co-owns Snackrite Xotiks with his brother Keon Reece.

Stores selling rare and retro candy, snacks and drinks have become popular in Durham and this one is no exception.

Snackrite Xotiks, located at 27 Simcoe St. S., first opened its doors in October 2021, and hosted a grand opening celebration on June 18.

Before that, the business started life online and quickly built a customer base.

“It just took off,” Sinclair says. “We were happy and surprised by how much it took off. We knew there was a market, but we didn’t know 100 per cent how big the market would be.”

Sinclair originally ran Snackrite Xotiks from his home, but customers regularly asked if there was a brick-and-mortar store they could visit.

The new store is a haven of nostalgic, hard-to-find and unusual chips, chocolate, candy, cereal, cookies and drinks.

Some of Sinclair’s personal “absolute favorites” are Skittles Gummies and KFC flavored Lays chips.

He says popular sellers include Flamin’ Hot Mountain Dew; uniquely flavored Kit Kats; Cinnamon Toast Crunch pancake mix; dunkaroos; Rap Snacks and anime-inspired products featuring characters from Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z and Naruto.

The promise of finding something unusual or unexpected is what keeps customers coming back — “people just love to try something new,” Sinclair says.

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